Be a Beacon of Hope

At El Gibbor Kitchen 3610 NPC, we extend our table to the hungry and the hearts to the lost. But our mission goes beyond food. With every plate we serve, we share hope, we weave community, and we celebrate the possibility of a brighter future. Here’s how you can join us in this journey of compassion and change.

Offer Financial Support

Any amount helps and goes directly towards meal provisions and operational costs.

Banking details


Acc name: El Gibbor Kitchen 3610 NPC
Bank : FNB
Acc Type: Cheque Account
Acc no: 62862096586
Branch code: 210835
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Advocate for Our Cause

Spread the Word: Share our mission on social media, within your networks, and in your community.

Corporate Partnerships: Introduce us to your company for potential collaborations or sponsorships.

Volunteer Your Time

Become a Mealtime Champion: Help us serve warm meals every Monday and Thursday from 5:30 PM at our Pinetown location.

Event Volunteer: Be part of the force that organizes, sets up, and manages our fundraising events and food drives.

Skill-Based Volunteering: Use your professional skills to benefit the community, whether through educational workshops, legal advice, or health services.


Food Donations: Your contributions of non-perishable food items are essential to our operation.

Clothing Contributions: Donate your gently-used clothing and shoes to help those in need dress with dignity.

Sponsor a Meal: Dedicate a meal in honor or memory of a loved one, knowing you’re feeding both bodies and souls.

Organize Drives

Lead a Food Drive: Rally your neighbors, colleagues, and friends to collect essential food items.

Host a Clothing Drive: Organize a collection of clothing and shoes for those we serve.